Meeting online on Sunday at 10am

After much prayer and trying to shepherd our church family through the constantly evolving impact of coronavirus COVID-19 we have made the decision at MVC to move all of our weekend services to online only and to suspend the use of the facility and Fifth and Park until further notice. 

That means that as of 12 PM today, March 17, there will be no more public meetings for MVC. That includes, Tuesday night prayer time, Wednesday night women’s study, all team rehearsals and meetings and all the events scheduled until further notice. We are also asking all MVC small groups to stop meeting during the week. 

That said, however, please know THE CHURCH NEVER CLOSES. I’m not trying to be cute, just Biblically and theologically accurate. The “church” is not, and has never been a building. It is, and always has been, the group of people, called out to share and show the love of Jesus to the world. And that call never stop. The church will never close down until Jesus returns.

Here's the link to our live Sunday service ( 10:00 am )

Here's the link to our YouTube site

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